Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Atheists are so Godless

I sort of get tired of atheists and their demands for getting god out of everything.

First of all, they are bitter.  So they lack faith, not really my problem.  Cut the nasty attitude, show some humility, and you can get where believers are too.  But they don't really want to.  I am cool with that too.  Just leave me alone.  And don't call me names.

Second, they are illogical.  Not because they don't believe in god.  But because they think because they don't have a relationship with him, he doesn't exist.  Sort of like their fathers (ouch, did I say that?).  But seriously, if they would think it through, god, if he does exist and is all powerful, can choose how to interact with the world and beings he creates.  So when they don't see him or experience him, they want to conclude there is nothing wrong with their approach, so it only can mean he doesn't exist.

But here is the deal, for me anyway:  I have experienced him, and I documented it.  In the Bible god declares the proof he is god is found in telling the future.  We are not talking about "Taurus is an angry sign" kind of prophecy.  Cyrus is mentioned by name.  The return from exile.  The blessings of Abraham.  The restoration of Israel.  Pretty specific stuff.

And for me, he told me my grandfather had died.  And when it happened, I was immediately awakened by a phone call, so before I answered I woke up my wife and told her what I had just been told, thinking I was being called to be notified.  It was actually my home teaching companion.  So I then started to cry, because I knew it was true. Then mom called, told me grandpa had died, and I told her I knew, and how I knew.  She was stunned. 

Now, my wife and I could be liars.  That's the risk an atheist is going to have to take to be true to their faith.  But I am not a liar.  It happened.  I told this story to an atheist I met once, and he only said "Probably just a lucky guess on your part."  Really?  That is what it comes to?

It turns out I am not irrational about my supernatural beliefs and faith in a God that others have difficulty encountering.  I have met Him.  He is real.  When he decides it's time to meet you, be ready to drop your nets and follow.  He really doesn't appreciate when he gives you proof and you thanklessly throw it away. 

But my faith was reinforced by knowledge and experiences, and grew, and so now as miracles and inspiration happen in my life, it is just exactly that:  My life.  It is normal to me.  Because I know Him, and I see His work everywhere, and He shows off constantly.  It's freakin' awesome.

I know a man with children whom I know better than his kids do, because they have rejected him due to family issues.  It doesn't change whether he exists just because they want to pretend he doesn't any longer.  I think I understand why he is in my life, too.