Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shawn McCraney Calling Me Out? O-bama!

Veggie Tales as a weapon of moron abstraction.

At the close of Shawn McCraney's show tonight, he totally made an insulting call out to me and my friend Larry.  He made an oblique comment to Veggie Tales this Saturday at some bookstore and that Larry and I should be there, calling us veggie names.

Ironic, right.  He won't have me on the show, but he can't resist insulting me on his show.  And of course, in the spirit of fairness, he won't let me respond.

Reminds me of the very accurate statement about ex-mormons and the Church:  They can leave it, but they can't leave it alone.

By the way, Shawn's explanation about Mormons and their relationship to Christ, could not have been more stupid.  Mormons do worship Jesus.  Mormons believe that Jesus is in them, through the Spirit.

Easy quiz, try to keep up:  Did Jesus die?  Yes.  Correct.
What does it mean to die?  According to the Bible, the body without a spirit is dead.  Is that the same for Jesus?  Yes, he gave up the ghost, meaning his spirit left his body, and he was dead.

Was Jesus resurrected?  Yes.  What is resurrection?  The reuniting of the body and spirit, never to die again.

So, is Jesus inside us bodily?  If yes, how is that?
If no, is his spirit in us?  If it is Jesus' spirit, then it separated from his body again, without scriptural precedent (btw).  But what does it mean to separate a body from its spirit?  Death, according to the Bible.

So does Jesus die a whole bunch?  The Bible teaches that Jesus can never die again.

Once again we have the dire shortcomings of Shawn's theology of hatred of anything Mormon, even if it is Biblically true.  In this case, Jesus' spirit does not literally dwell in us.

Or, you can believe in Shawn.  I mean, he doesn't teach the Bible anyway, why change now.