Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brochures Anyone

I have been so busy with work, I have not checked in here for many, many months.  Did everyone get brochures that wanted them?  I have several different brochures on various topics.  Salvation, issues at Manti argued by anti-Mormons there, a really good one on baptism as a requirement for salvation, the nature of God in Mormonism compared to non-LDS.  I just completed one addressing the so-called "Impossible Gospel of Mormonism", which reviews not only the abuse of Moroni 10:32 and the passages from "The Miracle of Forgiveness", but shows how the LDS perspective is both Biblical and built on the foundation of Grace and personal responsibility.

Anyway, as always shoot me a note and I will send them to your email addresses.  As you may have noticed, I never post questions or comments which contain people's email addresses to make sure their privacy is protected.

Thanks again for reading.  I will hopefully get posts out shortly on Manti 2015, Lee Baker's distorted ministry against LDS beliefs, and one built on responding to The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism by the professional anti-Mormons who promote that error.