Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It Doesn't Matter at Heart

Bob, but I don't care what your points are. And I don't read them to prove my indifference.
(Shawn McCraney, email from Nov 6, 2006 after publicly requesting I send him info on the meaning of the Greek word 'proskuneo'.)
This is perhaps the clearest statement I've ever seen of the true values of an anti-Mormon when it comes to getting the story right. Publicly he spoke of wanting to get the story correct. He wrote his response before I emailed him, then responded privately as above.

When will people learn that folks who make their living attacking other people's faith have no interest in getting it right? They want to reinforce what people think they already "know", and develop a following to sell merchandise and collect love offerings. Shawn's web site has announced the creation of a 501(c)3 for their "ministry". The sole purpose for this designation is to treat contributions as charitable gifts for the purpose of encouraging donations and reducing tax consequences.

We know he doesn't do it because he loves to learn.


Al Jordan said...

Hi Bob, me again.

Thanks for your email concerning my comment on your previous post.

This recent post of yours sheds some much needed light on Shawn's behavior, and it's actually helped to somewhat alter my opinion of him.

He invites criticism, then kicks it in the shin when it knocks on his door. Very childish indeed.

He obviously has an're right about that. I won't defend him.
But I also won't defend mormonism for doing pretty much the same thing.

Shawn asks for donations, while the lds church makes tithing a requirement to get into heaven.

Shawn waves away facts that don't support his views, but so does the church, even more so if you ask me.

In the end, both parties is striving to do what they think is right, allowing the ends to justify the means.

Sometimes I wonder if the world would be a better place without religions and all the zealots that come with them.

Bob the Anti-Anti said...

I can see your point. While I might disagree with why Mormons ask for money, I can see your point. I do know that all brethren serving in the 2nd-5th Quorums of the 70 are unpaid, even if full time. And no LDS person ever got rich doing Church service.

Still, when money gets in, motives can warp. I see your point. Thanks for writing.

Marcus said...


I enjoy your Blog and perspective on faith.

I've only seen Shawn's show a once or twice. Shawn is a man consumed with hate. I wonder what his family life is like? It can't be very good.

I've known a couple of people like him (consumed with hate for
different things) throughout my life, and they both ended up with broken families and are now living alone. I hope Shawn doesn't end up the same way.

I don't care want faith Shawn joins or starts, that's his business. The One thing that stands out is the fact that he needs help from the mental heath community. Does anyone know what kind of relationship he had with his father growing up? Because he has a problem authority, and
it's been channeled towards the Mormon church. I think if he could get at the root of his anger, the hatred for the Mormons would diminish.

In closings I ran across this quote "There's none so blind as
those who won't see".

Keep up the good work Bob!


Bob the Anti-Anti said...

I have not had enough direct interaction with Shawn to guess at his authority complex or lack thereof. But I had a funny story in Manti with a fellow a couple of years ago.

This guy from Australia was asking me why this other fellow was saying the LDS Church's policy around abortion was wrong. I responded that I could guarantee him that he hates all authority based on his behavior. So I called over to the guy and said "What do you think of the Federal government?" He yelled back, to the effect, "A bunch of corrupt idiots who will steal everything you own and take your rights!" The Australian fellow could not believe it. But when you see people blaming a system which provides so much good, you are correct, it is almost always because they hate the structure of the Church. I believe Shawn has a significant issue with pride, based on his dyed hair, his clothing selection, accessories and his responses to my enquiries about his doctrine. His tone seems quite condescending, and frankly I am pretty sure he has put me on a 'do not let his calls through' list, based on my last call. He also finally acknowledged that his faith in the LDS Church was rocked at around age 24, yet he constantly tells people he was a Mormon for 40 years. If he was baptized at 8, and disaffected at 24, then that is really just 16 years. I am guessing he was not theologically 'into it' until he was at least 16, so now we are down to 8 actual believing years, though he may have gone through the motions.

He further read from his journal that in 1992, at about age 30 if I have his age right, he expressed his conviction that he was going to begin taking on the Church. He said he kept going to the temple until 1996 or 1997. He did not withdraw his name until 2002, I think. So why does he keep saying he was a Mormon for 40 years. I was baptized in 1976, though I have never sent a letter to the Lutheran church to cite my withdrawal. Should I be saying I am a 46 year member of the Lutheran faith? Why would I say that? One simple reason: if I wanted to enhance my credibility with people who may not know better. But I know when I stopped being a Lutheran. Shawn should likewise admit he has not been a believing Mormon for 20 years. And that he still felt fine for 10 or 11 years after losing faith telling his Bishop and Stake President he believed in Joseph Smith as a prophet, as well as Ezra Taft Benson, Howard W. Hunter and Gordon B. Hinckley. Shawn has admitted being a terrible father and husband during this period, so I am wondering if he would like to tell us if there were any other significant issues of sin during this period of hypocrisy which further alienated him from God, and would naturally affect his sense of worthiness before God. That will ruin a testimony in no time.
Peace and out.

MadDog said...

Hey Bob,

I saw a little of Shawn's show last week. It’s been a while since I’ve watched. I want to ask you if you know who does the research behind the scenes for his show, because there seems to be quite a few errors in the claims he makes. If I were hosting a show such as his I would want to have near bullet proof claims to maintain a reputation of excellence.

Also it seems that as time goes on Shawn’s hatred for the LDS faith continues to grow. His home life must be pure hell because he so consumed by his crusade to prove the LDS faith wrong. I wonder at what point in time he has a complete melt down.

Anyway, I enjoy your insightful comments.


Bob the Anti-Anti said...

Mad Dog,
If you go to and look at Shawn's blog for Februrary 27th, you will see numerous comments and facts I presented to Shawn and his board. His universal response was to not engage them, but to denounce me and anyone who is a defender or apologist of the LDS faith.

That is just Shawn. He is either not a very well comprehending reader, or he refuses to do research beyond some of the simple, and out dated, anti-Mormon narratives he employs. Whereas he states in his book he wants to change the entire LDS Church, he has now publicly stated he will not deal with anyone who actually believes in the LDS Church and tries to defend it. You can see his statements on his blog.

I thought Shawn was just being rude in reference to my blog and email. It turns out he is just not capable of responding. I certainly would not trust anything he says. But that is just me.

See you around MadDog.

Anonymous said...


I would like to personally invite you to read by blog and leave your thoughts/rebuttals. I would especially like to hear your thoughts on my post "The Problem With The Book Of Abraham", as I have yet to find any TBM's who are willing or able to defute it. Please point out the lies and misrepresentations. I would appreciate it. The link to my blog is in my profile. I have no comment moderation and you are free to say anything you like as long as we maintain mutual respect.

You claim that the only way anti-Mormons can fight the church is by making up lies. In everything I have read, I have only seen the real truth being told. It is the LDS church that tells the lies and hides the truth.

If Gordon Hinckley is a true prophet, why didn't he predict the massacre at Virginia Tech? In fact, why doesn't he predict anything? This is not a lie or a misrepresentation. It is a genuine question that NO ONE wants to answer. How come they don't heal people with genetic diseases? If they are true prophets of god, where is their power? Where are the miracles? Where are the dead being raised and the blind being made to see? In fact, where is anything other than, pray, pay, and obey?

Bob the Anti-Anti said...

I did not edit Ray's response in any way. It speaks for itself. It also does not contain a link to the "Mormon Crushing" attack he has for the book of Abraham. I suspect it is as eloquent as his post here, and I just don't know if his inability to see things like Shawn's direct lie on the air about wanting me to send him info, and his statement that he does not see anti's lying makes me question his ability to discern any truth. I will see what my time allows.