Monday, October 21, 2013

New Class Thursday October 24

So, the first week went OK, I think.  We are trying to record the sessions for eventual posting on Youtube or somewhere.

The second class is on the First Vision and historical issues around Joseph Smith and Mormonism prior to publication of the Book of Mormon.

The second class will be held at the Kearns Library
5350 South 4220 West
Kearns, Utah 8411
Time:  6:30pm
Date:  October 24, 2013

The third, fourth and fifth classes are on  November 7 & 14 & 21, 6:30pm at the Draper Library:
Week 3 Doctrines of Salvation
Week 4  Creation, Exaltation, Scholarship
Week 5 Mormon Archaeology Compared to Biblical Archaeology

1136 East Pioneer Rd
(124th South)
Draper, Utah 84020

Hopefully I can get to the video and move it onto the Internet shortly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for recording it. I hope it works out. I am sure there are many people like myself who would really like to learn but live too far away to attend in person.

Brandon Whitbeck said...

How can i find the recordings?

Skyler said...

How do I contact you? Cant seem to figure it out.

Bob said... will get to me.

Bob said...

I have not been able to get it prepared for release due to time constraints. I also sadly discovered the video for the first class failed completely, audio and video recordings. It was my favorite class about the Book of Mormon and the Gold Plates and translation. So I will redo it at the very end. Anyway, I will publish a notice when I have it ready.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight and perspective! I would like to know your point of view on why the church has changed some things since it's beginning like polygamy, blacks with the priesthood and Temple covenants?

Anonymous said...

I know this is totally off topic and you may not really care.
This is too funny. Shawn McCraney actually said the Trinity came from paganism on one of his shows. Now the anti Mormons are howling and whining, saying Shawn is a heretic, boycott his shows, calling Shawn a liar, etc.

When Shawn was spouting anti Mormon lies he was telling the truth by the anti Mormon standards. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the anti's are mad!
The hypocrisy of the anti Mormons is really showing now. Now who has cognitive dissonance?!! LOL

This is probably the first time Shawn has actually told the truth about anything when he said the Trinity is from paganism.

Pass the popcorn cuz this will get good.

Bob said...

So I am nearly ready to restart the classes again. Moving from my old home has just taken a lot longer to get moved into the new house than I thought. We just got our office and my library up last week. I have also been refereeing basketball on Thursday nights, which will be over the 2nd week of April. So probably in April I will start up again.
Thanks for your patience and interest.

Skyler said...

I too have been watching Shawn's actions play out. I find it very intellectually honest if him to further his searches for truth after leaving Mormonism to turn his efforts to Christianity as a whole and realize the flaws. Perhaps it will cause him to pray on the matter and then return to mormondom.

Bob said...

Hey Anonymous,
Concerning the question of changes, I have some views that seem practical. First is that faith and testimony need to guide your one's analysis. Rumors of some guy walking on water and casting out devils is generally derided, yet I absolutely believe both happened, as well as coming eternally alive from death.

I think the most visible changes to Church doctrine and practice are often based in gradual spiritual improvement in the leadership and membership of the Church. I think leaders often are making the best decisions they are capable at the time, according to their spirit and human weaknesses. So you get leaders making definitive statements which eventually become practice and policy, which later revelation unwinds. I think polygamy and the priesthood ban were very much in this category. Continuing revelation directly implies earlier teachings will be changed by God. Circumcision in the OT and NT is a similar issue. Temple changes are more interesting in some ways. I am pretty sure the core covenants are unchanged even as the presentation and some of the practices change. Consider the Kirtland temple covenants vs. Nauvoo. God adapts things to society and people. As the FAIR wiki describes it, early LDS temple practices emphasized both the covenants and the need to hold them sacred by keeping them secret, and they used the very well understood process they new from the secular world, specifically Masonry. Again, I think we can see the weakness of men, which means we use what we know. Do any of us think we understand real creation of the universe or life on Earth? We have symbols which we use because we understand, and those symbols can lose their understanding, and therefore meaning, over time. Thus Nephi admonishes that his teachings are clear if you understand the teachings of the Jews.

But if anyone is troubled, and they should think on hard things, they need to remember their experience of the Spirit and how God has always dealt with mankind.
That is a quick response. I hope that helps.

Bob said...

I agree with you. I find it interesting he is now, finally, doing research he previously claimed he had done, and "Wow", Bob and the Mormons weren't such stupid liars after all.
We should pray and rejoice for the lost who are found.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you are all lost. I challenge you to read the book of Galatians without your accompanying false mormon books. You will see what freedom actually means and that your mormon faith is totally flawed. I pray for the souls of all of you.

Skyler said...

Read the whole bible with its accompanying books. You will see that the book of Galatians alone will not bring you salvation.