Sunday, August 14, 2005

Crybaby Evangelism

Forget Friendshipping. Forget confrontationalism. Go straight to Crybaby Evangelism (CBE). CBE is practised by an elite group of two or three Evangelical groups who are unable to see the fruits of their actions. Reading the newsletter of one self-absorbed "evangelist" (sic, gag), they become a power unto themselves and feed on the attention. As I have challenged various anti-Mormon or non-Mormons to defend their assertions against Mormonism, inevitably it eventually devolves into an attitude by the attackers of "Don't waste your time on him, he knows his facts." Every general conference, one of the CBE practitioner's will tell people not to speak with me because "he is just trying to waste your time." Since the last time I checked this CBE practitioner does not believe in receiving revelation, so he is simply falsely judging me. Yup, that is what this boils down to. Hypocrits who cannot deal with the truth.

So I will keep talking to all of the people who want to talk. But you folks in CBE land, keep it up. Every respectable and knowledgeable Christian missionary has figured out the CE and CBE does not work, and there is literally nothing as funny as reading or listening to their self serving justification for being un-Christian. "Everyone is mean and needs to leave me to my form of evangelism!" WAh, Wah, Wah.

This is funny. Hand them a pacifier. Of course, the word pacifier has it root in the word "peace", which was the message of the Savior. Which is why it is obvious whose team the CE and CBE evangelists are on.



luckygnat said...


I've enjoyed your blog.... I guess... you definately have conviction but conviction won't save you- brokeness will. I will pray for your brokeness and also for the hope that one day you'll truly understand that is what you need.

I was a Mormon too. In fact- technically my membership has not been revoked but will soon be. I believe you can cram as much doctrine as you want down our throats but one day I would pray that you stop to consider the source.

I came to know Jesus Christ because of my visiting teacher- funny enough. Her husband pointed out that if the Book of Mormon wasn't true- the whole thing would fall apart. He didn't know that I was also attending a bible-based church. The very next Sunday my pastor quoted Matthew 16:18. It made me think... seriously. Was I gambling my very soul on the belief that The Book of Mormon was true? Wouldn't I rather trust my soul over to Jesus Christ.

I hope you one day find the gravity of the epiphany I had. I hope you take some time to seriously reflect upon whether or not you would recognize Jesus if He were holding up a sign in Temple Square or if you would call Him a heratic for saying His Gospel is something completely different than what Mormon's try to say that it is.

larry said...

My mom was Pro Mormon and my dad was Anti Mormon. I have studied both sides for a long time. Here is the conclusion I have come to. Mormonism has serious errors but is the only authorized religion on earth. Anti Mormons are right in that Brigham Young and others were not perfect. Mormons are right in that despite its many flaws Mormonism is the restored church. Let me ask you a question. If Protestants or other non Catholic, Coptic, or Orthodox Christians are correct why do we not find this with the Church Fathers. Why do we find evidence of Protestant Doctrines in the Bible but they seem to dissappear until 1400 AD with Huss? Was there an Apostacy. If not you better be Catholic, Coptic, or Orthodox. Protestant or Evangelical has no historical base to stand on. Evangicals are a cult started by Darby. Face it. Either Mormons, Catholics, Coptics, or Orthodox are correct. Protestants give me a historical break.

Nephi Mormon said...

You are correct, these evangelicals are some of the biggest whinners I have ever heard. I enjoy your blog.